BPG Money is our finance hub. We at BPG pride ourselves in serving our community. Finances is one of the main issues we find amongst our people and therefore BPG will constantly endeavour to endure that its members and the wider community have the skills necessary to take their financial situation into their own hands.

Knowledge = Change seminar  

Education is key; getting to the end of the month and having no money left is a feeling all too many of us know well but we can eradicate this forever with just a bit more knowledge and some well-placed discipline. As a member of BPG you are entitled to a free financial education seminar with Noir Excel, our finance partners. Noir Excel is a financial services company that aims to help its members reach their financial goals, by equipping them with knowledge and insight to make accurate financial decisions. Furthermore, Noir Excel is there to help ensure every individual member follows through to achieve your financial goals.In this new age of business and marketing, online media has restructured the way brands and personalities connect with their audiences. The Internet has created an economy in which new comers and big-name brands alike can both exist and prosper side by side. We therefore have partnered with digital marketing firm Brussel Pond to offer you a free seminar in order to get you the skills necessary to start your own business or grove your pre-existing skillset in this field.  

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bpg JOBs

BPG are constantly looking for support to empower our community, build our network and tell more people of our vision. We have a number of job opportunities in house which we prefer to fill from within our membership but also have a number of businesses we work closely with and help to fill vacancies with also. If you are interested in a job with BPG, please email

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Black Business For Black People Giving (bb4bpg)

Black People Giving take the stance that Black owned Businesses should consciously be supported by our community. Equally, Black People Giving want to encourage Black owned Businesses to look after you. As a result BPG Members receive a membership card with can be presented at Black owned businesses to receive a discount in-store. A comprehensive list of businesses will be available here shortly. Furthermore, if you are a Black Business Owner then please contact us here to become a BB4BPG Member. We can actively help you grow your Business by incentivising our community to engage with your Business as well as offering you a free digital marketing seminar with our partner marketing company Brussel Pond. Brussel Pond have agreed to give this to all BB4BPG members to teach you how to grow your online presence and attract customers.

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BPG the book

Black People Giving The Book journeys into how our world has been corrupted and what we need to break free; Love. The book covers far ranging topics from the science of the universe to the inner mechanics of our minds whilst dealing with our practical reality, moreover the book is littered with suggestions for further enquiry and education. This book was designed to connect you to us, at Black People Giving, but also to inspire you to create the change that you wish to see in your life.

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