As a BPG Member you are entitled to several Wayewa benefits. These member perks aim to help our community by supporting us as individuals along our life’s journey as well as giving us opportunities to connect with our community habitually and therefore serving to build our holistic eco-system Wayewa. On top of free entrance to all BPG Events as well as a variety of membership discounts offered by Black owned Businesses, as a BPG Member; BPG Health, BPG Money and BPG Jobs and don’t forget a copy of our eponymous publication Black People Giving The Book are yours to enjoy. Please see below details of what these services entail and how you can start to interact with them today!

1. Noir Excel

Noir Excel are our finance partners working with us to ensure the key financial knowledge disseminates amongst our community into our ecosystem. Noir Excel is a financial services company that aims to help its members reach their financial goals, by equipping them with knowledge and insight to make accurate financial decisions.

Noir Excel
2. Brussel Pond

Brussel Pond are our digital marketing partners in the new digital age having Brussel Pond as our affiliates in our online activities places us at the forefront of marketing. Brussel Pond are a London based team dedicated to providing small to medium-sized businesses, large cooperation’s, artists, musicians and non-profit organisations with the services they need to tell their story to the world.

Brussel Pond
3. Mind Body Goal

MBG are our fitness and health partners. MBG is a brand that derives from the statement “Mind Body and Soul” and emphasizes the unity in strengthening your “mind” and “body” in really achieving your “goals”.

Mind Body Goal
4. Charlotte Crowl

Charlote Crowl has created an amazing personal brand which is supporting people all around the world who need support using holistic health. Charlotte Crowl specialises in helping people change their lifestyle in order to take back control of all aspects of their life. She particularly focuses on people whose lives have been affected by cancer and disabilities but also anyone who is ready to take action with their lives and become the best version of themselves.

Charlotte Crowl

Where you see our BPG sticker you are entitled to either a discount or a promotional offer in store. For example, the delicious Uptown Cuisine west green road you will receive a 10% discount off your meal, other promotions include the beautiful and serene Vegalicious seven sisters road where for £5 you will receive a vegan wrap meal. Please present your Wayewa family card in selected stores to receive discounts and promotions. Register here to obtain a membership card and to be part of Wayewa.

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