The BPG Black Business Banquet

Date: 30th of March 2019

The Black People Giving Black Business Banquet will be an exhibition like no other. Designed to serve those of us who are tired of their pursuing somebody else’s dream and are ready to take back their life by entering the exciting world of entrepreneurship in 2019. Similar the event looks to cater to those of us who have already endeavoured to create their perfect life in business but are ready to take their business to the next level.

The event will have experts In Digital Marketing, Social Media, Motivation, Financial Planning and Property comprehensively serving all those who are serious about wealth creation in the Modern day. The primary aim of this event is to add value, expect to come out of this event knowing more than you did when you entered the venue. We will also be presenting the The Black Business Plan For Brexit at the event which will be first unveiled at the event.

Tudor Rose Banqueting Suite is the elected venue for the event Benefitting from a brand-new luxurious refurbishment Tudor Rose has been recently transformed to the pinnacle of Black Owned Venue’s in the UK. Your ticket will also include an exquisite 2 Course meal with both meat friendly and vegan options available we also will be providing a plethora freshly prepared juices and appetizers to keep you satisfied throughout the night.

Awards Black People Giving are an organisation tasked with serving your communities. Therefore, The Black Business Banquet has been selected as the perfect opportunity to honour those members of the community who have worked tirelessly this year to improve the condition of the community.  Awards to be given out on the night include: The BPG King and Queen of the Community awards, Community Organisation of the Year Award and Entrepreneur of The Year Award. Art. The show will not only be informative but will be a creative extravaganza celebrating the diverse nature of African culture. There will be poetry, dance and live music on the night choreographed especially to make the event a visual fest that shall be stay etched in our collective memories for years to come.

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Welcome To Wayewa Festival

Date: 29th of June 2019

Our Welcome to Wayewa Festival is an event guaranteed to exhilarate this summer and be the height of the Season. The event looks to bring together the young and the old, the conscious and the hood, the Rapper and the poet. The Welcome To Wayewa Festival will have performances from every genre prevalent in our community. We will welcome some of the most popular Drill artists in the scene right now whilst also tuning in with the most potent poets across the world.

The event will include a bustling market with goods from all over the conscious community to ensure you home feeling the vibe for weeks thereafter.

This event will welcome you To Wayewa. The Nation, The Vibration, Our Love Based Civilisation.

Love Me Black - A Womans Appreciation Day

Date: 7th of September 2019

#LoveMeBlack is the Women's Appreciation Day to attend this September!! We are taking this day to pay tribute to the Women in the community, in particular marginalised WOC. The aim is to spark healing within the women and men of the community and inspire unity between them.

We aim to build up the BPG community by providing a day of holistic healing to our members and supporters.
We aim to expand our community and share the power of what love based systems and infrastructure can do.
We want to welcome you to Wayewa in style.

Attractions include:
- Live Music
- Fashion Show
- Poetry
- Vegan & Non-Vegan Food
- Stalls
-& Many more surprises


Event details tbc