WAYEWA: Creating a love based civilisation one child at a time.

Wayewa is creating a foundation that future generations should be able to enjoy for years to come. Therefore we shall continue to plant seeds of love wherever we see need in our communities and most notably in the Motherland of Africa.

With your support we are currently supporting Children, Women and The Uniquely Abled here in The UK and around the world.

Here are some of our causes

Children: Orphanages

We are currently working with Kings heritage orphanage in Nigeria Ijebu Ode. We greatly admire the spirit at work, therefore we wish to support them to greatly upgrade the infrastructure. This will enable the orphanage to welcome its doors to many more children from the local area, in need of support helping them to provide tools and resources for their development.

Children: Scholarships

In Wayewa every child deserves an education, so they may be empowered to become the best version of themselves striving for the highest levels in all facets of life. Currently we are proud to be supporting some young queens living in Lagos who otherwise would struggle to pay for school by awarding the scholarship to their families.

Women: Wayewa Cares

Wayewa Cares is designed to empower the women of your communities so that they may be confident in their day to day life. Covering mainly family matters and shelter Wayewa Cares conducts workshops once a month designed to aid our Queens Sisters and Mothers discover their best self.

Disabilities: Uniquely abled

The Wayewa Foundation have been able to fund full time carers at a disabled home we are supporting named Modupe Cole in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition we also are in support of charities aiding the blind in Africa.

Bebe Roze Language and Cooking Fun Club

Based in North London Bebe Roze is a Queen of our community and started a Language and Cooking fun club free to the children in the local area. We identify greatly with her spirit for change and are empowering her now working side by side with the queen introducing Yoruba language as a new dialect for our leaders of tomorrow to learn.


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