1.   Why is it called Black People Giving? are you an exclusive organisation?

“Black People are all the people the system forgot. In the context of BPG black people can be brown, yellow, white, even green we don’t care.” - Black People Giving The Book.
At BPG we are unashamed about the fact that we are creating a foundation for principally the black community. For a long time there has been a need in the community to which BPG wishes to address. However the organisation's charitable efforts will never be limited to just black people and we do not exclude nonblack people from becoming members and supporting our love based movement.

2.   What Is Wayewa?

Wayewa is our Love Based Civilisation. Wayewa is a nation with an energy and a distinct vibration. Wayewa means Prideland, Love & Happiness and Peace Be Upon You. The word Wayewa takes it origins from Hausaland in West Africa where it means civilisation. In 2018 however, it was adopted to be the Love Based Civilisation and signifies the ushering of a new paradigm, a new way to live, A New World.

3.   Why Wayewa? why can’t it just be Black People Giving?

BPG much like some of the most effective global organisations was born to fulfil a need within society. BPG wish to help to create a new way for us to live and interact with one another and a Nation above business or charity is necessary to accomplish that aim. Wayewa is a foundation that future generations should be able to enjoy for years to come. Therefore we shall continue to plant seeds of love in Wayewa wherever we see need in our communities and most notably in the Motherland of Africa.

4.   So are you a charity or a business?

Both, Black People Giving is a company working to support you as a member of our community. Through The Wayewa Foundation our registered charity we are able to spread love and light around the world.

5.   Where does my money go?

·      To Charity. BPG Is Love we believe that first things should be done first! which means our primary consideration is always our charitable efforts. Through the Wayewa Foundation we continue to accomplish our aims for the world.
·      To You, Black People Giving starts serving you as a member of our community from the minute you sign up. Demonstrated by our giving unto you when you register BPG put our funds towards support you and your family. We are seeking to create opportunity, inspiration and spread affluence amongst the community.
·      To Build the BPG vehicle BPG are building Wayewa which looks to impact your community and the wider world. BPG is constantly pursuing innovative new areas to nurture the organisation by better serving its members and the world.

6.   What do I get as a member of BPG?

It depends on how much you subscribe to give. We start giving to you from the moment you become a member of BPG. All BPG members are entitled to a copy of Black People Giving The Book. With a £5 membership You can also request a BPG Member discount card which will give you discounts on various high street and online stores. All BPG members receive discounted or free entry to our events, in addition:
BPG Health (premium membership)
·      Wayewa Health Pack (Wayewa Health Pack Renews every year)
BPG Money (Variable subject to plus and premium membership)
·      Financial Education Class
·      Digital Marketing Seminar

7.   What is in a Wayewa Health Pack?

Wayewa Health Pack Includes
·      Natural Health Wall Chart
·      Natural Health Information Pack
·      1 Wayewa Yoga session
·      1 Guided Meditation session
·      1 Wayewa Fit session
·      1 Wayewa Fight session

8.   What do I get with a BPG plus membership?

·      Wayewa Health Pack renews every 2 months instead of every year.  
·      (4 of the BPG Health services every 8 weeks inc Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Fight Classes)
·      Available to BPG Members paying £10 or above.

9.   What do I get with BPG Premium membership?

Unlimited BPG Health Services.  
·      Unlimited Wayewa Health Pack
·      As many Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Fight Classes as you wish BPG Money Premium
·      1 to 1 financial consultation with Noir Excel
·      1 to 1 Digital Marketing Consultation Brussel Pond
·      Available to all BPG Members paying £15 or above

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