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Change The world

We WANT TO Change The World

Our mission

To usher a new way of life, one which places love at the forefront, providing our
communities with the tools necessary to sustain their Mind Body and Spirits creating an
everlasting foundation for generations hereafter to enjoy.

Our vision

To Propagate our common unity, Create An Eco-system, A Love Based Civilisation that will continue to innovate to meet the needs of individuals so as to serve our communities.

our goal

To serve every member of our community no matter where they may be.

bpg's five pillars

1. health

BPG are creating a Natural Health Service which places the wellbeing of your Mind, Body and Spirit at the forefront. Health is a priority for Black People Giving. We Understand that for a long time we have been misled as to the realities of health and the detrimental effects of some our daily habits on our long-term health. We therefore place health at the fore front of the services that we offer to our community.
The motivation of our services are therefore always to empower our community to take control of their families health. Find out more about the Wayewa Health services on offer.


2. Charity

Charity is one of the most integral aspects of BPGs holistic eco-system. Wayewa is a system that makes charity intrinsic in our daily lives. Through the Wayewa Foundation we are able to accomplish a wide range of charitable aims which look to impact those of us living in the western world today but also places the motherland of Africa at the peak of our aims. Children is our priority as they are our future but support for women and the disabled are also areas to which the Wayewa Foundation are doing work in find our more about the Wayewa Foundation


3. wealth creation

Black People Giving wants to impact the daily lives of its global community and wealth creation is an important part of this. If we are to find a new way of living those who are spending their lives spreading love and creating change shall be elevated accordingly.  BPG seek to create long term wealth for those working within our community.  In addition we are creating group economic models which would look to empower those who interact with BPG in order to create sustainable wealth archetypes. Through our finance partners Noir Excel we are able to offer financial education to the community, brokering an intellectual legacy for our community which will reverberate for years to come.


4. employment

Black People Giving are constantly investing into our community. BPG do not simply want employees we want partners In change. BPG place serving our community at the forefront, therefore we have several roles which look to accomplish that aim available within the organisation. Those willing to invest their time to build Wayewa will be empowered via the BPG wealth creation vehicle to fulfil them wholly in service of their community.


5. education

Knowledge is power. At BPG we want empower our community holistically and a knowledgeable mind is the cornerstone of this principal. We look to impart that knowledge firstly through our eponymous publication Black People Giving the book. Our education will not stop there however, we are constantly innovating. BPG commit our community to a forward-thinking approach to education. We want to empower our community; history therefore, recent or ancient is simply used as a contextual catalyst to build a brighter future for our communities tomorrow. Get a copy of Black People Giving The Book here.  


Success Stories!


Meet the backbone of the community

Emmanuel DAODU

CEO and Founder

Emmanuel Daodu, one of the Founding members of BPG and Chief Executive Officer of the
organisation. Born in London Lewisham and raised in North West London. Private school
educated (Emmanuel attended Buckingham College High School) Emmanuel was bluntly
aware of the social differences between his community and some of the other communities
he could see flourishing. His degree study made him bluntly aware of the reality of the legal
system to which we are governed and upon receiving his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Emmanuel
bemoaned that the law sought only to protect itself and failed to uphold justice for the
people. This ended his legal ambitions. He then journeyed into politics working in the House
of Commons as a parliamentary intern under the instruction of Barry Gardner MP for Brent
North. Emmanuel grew disillusioned with the realities of real power in the world and left
parliament and then his subsequent work in recruitment in the city of London to pioneer BPG
along with his brother David and partner Oban. Emmanuel’s divination brought through
Wayewa and continues to strive daily to create a better world for future generations to enjoy.

david DAOdu

COO and Co-founder

With an almost identical upbringing to his brother Emmanuel (David also attended
Buckingham College High School). David holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological
Chemistry from Aston University. He therefore has an expansive knowledge base in
modern science and it's correlation with spiritual science. At 18 David first entered
the direct marketing and sales industry being head hunted to work for a large sales
company based in London. David found his feet quickly learning many valuable skills
in communication marketing and sales. Always looking to support and empower
others, David got the opportunity to work within the Charity sector working for
countless mainstream organisations. After many years working with various
organisations David grew disillusioned with the inequalities globally. David therefore
along with his brother Emmanuel and Partner Oban realised that if they wanted to
see real change they had the combined abilities and knowledge to make it happen.
David Chief Operating Officer of BPG and trustee of the Wayewa Foundation is
driven and relentless in his pursuit to make the world a more beautiful place spread
love wherever he goes.

oban Mcmillan


A law graduate, born and raised in East London to English and Grenadan parents Oban
possesses a wealth of experience working within charities. Oban has worked with both
bigger and smaller charities attesting an insatiable thirst for change in the world. In this
capacity working in the third sector is where David and Oban met starting a lifelong
friendship and now business partnership along with Emmanuel. Oban also has extensive
sales experience and wanted to use his skills to create a change in his community. His
driving objective is to equip a generation with the tools to empower them to create the
change they wish to see in their direct communities. Developing BPG with David and
Emmanuel has allowed Oban to use his communication skills to spread a message of love
and light to the world creating a solid foundation for children everywhere to enjoy someday.